Saturday, May 16, 2020

Brush this thing off

So a little bit of an update. I am going to do a few videos for terraform and see how that goes.
I have been on a keyboard kick lately, and ended up with another keyboard. I will post it on twitter, since I should post more there. I will also be a little more active there and possibly instagram also. Instagram will depend on if I can  take pics and tag them correctly.
I should setup a user account on my computer to do all this devops stuff, but let's see if I do it, or remain lazy.
Also, while I am here, why not update this blog's theme. I mean it is my blog and it should reflect things that I enjoy. So let's get spicy.

Old Look:

Vs whatever I have choosen to go around this.

There have been a few major life events lately, so let me take those as a reason to be more motivated, to quote Casey Niestat "Do More"

There is also the question of why do I have a blog? I never update it. Well I think I will start doing that.
I am going to attempt to do a post every Monday and Thursday for the next 4 weeks. I think that will be a fun little challenge to see if I really want to go down this route.

Starting Monday, I will go ahead with the terraform VPC, and post the basics of that.