Saturday, August 15, 2015

Learning to fake it

There was once a nice simple person who thought "Hey wouldn't it be fun do install docker!"
So he watched the official videos, that lead into the fan made videos, and he thinks "well if this mouth breather can do it". He gets the boot2docker and does the Hello World thing.
Then the fantasy sets in, the weak mindedness starts to take over "this was so easy! i want to put everything into containers!!"
He tries doing the containers and magic, pure and simple, magic. It works! To bad as far as everyone else in the docker world is concerned it is the completely wrong way to do things.
So skippy, let's crack open that can of R12 and start huffing the Docker fumes!

First start with the download, you can find it at
Once you spend between 2 minutes and 44 hours downloading the ISO, you can now spin it up in your own safe and sane visualization systems of your choice, I am too lazy to go into what one is the best, just go google Holy Wars and figure out who is wrong there.

It is a live iso, so once it is booted, you are good to start using it.

Let us do a deploy with the basic hello world.
The examples say run docker with run a basic echo command to display "Hello World"

docker run ubuntu /bin/echo "Hello Whirled!" 
That is the command I did above, and here is the output.

As you can see, it is overly exciting!!!!! SQUEEE!!!!
Also notice that it downloaded the ubuntu image on the first run. Lets try getting a real command prompt and doing something with this image. 

Our next command will be bashed

docker run ubuntu /bin/bash 

And that gets us the following.

What the happy horse pocky! That is the same command that everyone else had! what the hell went wrong?! WHY GOD WHY!!

Ok so a quick search shows that you need to run docker with Interactive Mode and TTY, why cant they just say terminal, they have to use the archaic definition of it.

SOOOOoooo the command should look like

docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash 

And that gives us the new added flavors of being interactive

Notice my prompt changed, now it is the docker ID number. And for addition proof, lets ping google and show the ip address.
WHAT THE HELL! No ifconfig! why do you have to change things world! why!!

Ok but notice pinging of google, and the ip address is a docker IP.

If you want to use this for local development then you might as well just throw in your towel and call it a day because you just put yourself in a "works for me! (tm)" loop and you should break your own fingers.

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